Baby Travel Essentials for a Germophobic Mama

As a new mom, it is very easy to get flustered at the thought of traveling with your baby. For most, even just leaving the house seems like a feat in and of itself. The constant diaper changes and feedings seem never ending- how are you supposed to even make it out the door. I was given great advice by a friend who had two children before me she said, “take advantage of this time when your baby is not mobile and GO! It will be easier than you think.” Heeding her advice, my husband and I took the opportunity to travel to Europe with our barely four month old. The experience was actually a lot easier than I thought! Thankfully, the flights were not too bad and the rumble of the plane kept our baby peacefully asleep for the majority  of the flight.

Not knowing what I should leave behind or bring extra of, I brought almost everything I owned at the time for the baby. If I were to do it all again, instead of overpacking with lots of unnecessary stuff, I would make sure to have the essentials (ie. clothing, diapers, and a couple of toys) then pack the following items to make sure we stay as germ free as can be!

Disposable Table Cloths: My mom friends told me to bring blankets, but I am too germophobic to lay my own blankets on the airport floor and reuse them. Instead, I purchased a couple disposable table cloths, that I would lay over the airport floor with my baby’s blanket on top to allow my baby to stretch out or get that necessary tummy time without fear of germs. Once I was done, I would throw the table cloth away and get on the plane with my happy baby.

Boppy Pillow: Not only for travel, but this pillow is one of the best baby inventions I have ever come across. I for one had a baby that would only nap when nuzzled in my arms. The boppy pillow was the only other surface that gave me and my arms the much needed personal time. When on our trip to Europe, we often used the pillow as a resting surface for our baby to play while we would be getting ready to go out, etc. For rest time or for fun, it helped ease our baby trip worries!

Hand Sanitizer Towelettes: No matter the time of year, it is very important to be wary of nasty germs around baby! Planes, taxis, shuttles, and restaurants are all breeding grounds for germs. During our trip I was very conscious to make sure I was wiping down the surfaces my baby would be exposed to. I made sure to always carry these towelettes in my diaper bag. I used them to wipe down the planes changing table, our seats, the bassinet, and etc. Always better to be safe than sorry!

Wipes and Diapers Case: For our trip, I wanted to be as organized and hands free as possible! Having my wipes and diapers, the baby items I frequented most, at my fingertips was the goal. I used the chic and stylish wipes and diapers tote by nea baby, which was so great! I hooked it onto my diaper bag or stroller whenever I was on the go and did not need to stress about making sure I had what  I needed most while out. Best part about it was that it even fit my phone, money, and room keys. 

Boppy Baby Carrier: This carrier is the PERFECT carrier for both moms and dads and made traveling with baby so easy! Instead of having the baby be pushed in a stroller at the airport, we used the carrier. I did not want to worry about putting the stroller through the dirty X-ray machine. For naps on the go, we put baby in the carrier and out the door we went with baby fast asleep. Best part about this carrier is how soft it is and how it can be worn by anyone without any real adjusting. Imagine wearing yoga pants and having your baby strapped inside- that is how this carrier feels in a nutshell. 

Doona Stroller and Carseat: Looking to splurge for ease on a long trip? The Doona Stroller with Carseat was really awesome for the trip! Since our baby was still so small, we were able to use this as our stroller and it doubled as a carseat for our busy city moments. We even used it on the airplane when we had a connecting flight, so our baby was able to sit in his own chair, comfortably. When it was not being used, we simply stuffed it into one of these carseat bags so it could be checked at the airport and kept from getting exposed to germs.

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