Coronavirus: How to Stay Healthy

Schools are closed, employees are told to work from home, and the streets are empty.  There is a virus going around that has no cure and no vaccine. They say it is similar to the  flu with its symptoms however, the news makes it seem worse! It is a scary time in the world. We are told in order to try to stay healthy we should: wash hands, wear a mask, wear gloves, use sanitizer, buy zinc suckers, and etc. As a mom to a toddler, I am taking all precautions.

To ensure I have all my coronavirus fighting gear at my fingertips, I carry around my nea baby wipes and diapers case attached to my purse. I fill it up with my disinfecting wipes, sanitizer, and gloves. The disinfecting wipes I use to wipe down almost everything when I am out and the gloves I wear on my hands so I can remove them once I get back into my car, staying as germ free as possible while out of my house. This tote helps me keep all my disinfectants in one compact place so I am always prepared! Of course, I love it for my diapers and wipes but hey, this product is serving an incredible purpose right now in keeping me safe from the nasty Coronavirus! It is such a great bag for a mom, but is so useful for EVERYONE now as we struggle to stay healthy amidst the COVID-19 pathogen.

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