Delivering Baby Hospital Bag Checklist: What NOT to Pack

Everyone always talks about what to bring to the hospital when you have your baby however, no one talks about what NOT TO BRING! As a first time mom, I was stuck questioning, packing, repacking, unpacking, and doing it all again when it came to my hospital bag. I read every article and Instagram post out there about what I should bring with me to the hospital when delivering my first born. Yet, I still did not feel confident that I had exactly what I needed. So, ignoring all the material I had just read, I packed: diapers, wipes, MULTIPLE newborn outfits, formula, bottles- basically every newborn essential purchased off my registry… For myself I packed: leggings, PJs, nursing bras, adult diapers, underwear, toiletries, and etc. 

Ironically, once my baby was born in the hospital, I used NOTHING… until it was time to leave. The diapers and wipes I brought, well, the hospital gives you unlimited supply so I did not open my pack (ask each nurse, cleaning person, anyone during each shift change to bring you more to stock up and take home). Newborn outfits, legitimately did not change my baby into anything cute until it was time to leave. I was too exhausted after birth and he was so cute anyway, that I did not think twice to “dress him up”. The hospital’s onsies and swaddles were good enough and conveniently at my bedside ready to be used. Unless you plan to use a specialized formula, do not bother bringing that either, hospitals provide different brands like Similac and Infamil in premixed bottles. 

Postpartum is no walk in the park and no matter the birth story, it generally is a bumpy road. After an emergency C-section, I was very uncomfortable. I was bloated, sore, tired, and raw. Unsure of how my postpartum body would look like, all the clothing I packed was a size up from what I normally wore, pre-pregnancy. After a day in my sexy green hospital gown, I decided it was time to dress up a bit. The cute PJ set I purchased to wear in the hospital was tight in the wrong places and loose in the right ones. I immediately changed into my next option which consisted of a cute and comfortable nightgown. I thought, “really what could go wrong with a stretchy cozy nightgown”. Those postpartum hormones I tell you… Not only could was I hot, I was sweating like crazy. Add the fact that you are constantly being checked, moved around, and there is bleeding so I decided to change into a new hospital gown. Back in my snazzy hospital gown, I was cooler, more comfortable and did not stress about getting it dirty...

Onto the subject of blood, not very many people talk about postpartum bleeding. After you have a baby, your placenta and all the other excess tissue/fluids drain out of your body over the course of six weeks, but the first week or couple of days are the worst. Before getting to the hospital I was aware that the hospital gives out mesh underwear and sanitary pads however, being the particular mama that I am, I decided I would bring my own. At the first sight of the bleeding, I immediately opted for the thicker hospital pads/panties. I did however at times during my hospital stay use adult diapers (I brought with me) which were incredibly comfortable and easy to use. 

If I could go back and tell my pregnant self what to pack it would be a very short list. Pack your necessities- the things you cannot live without on a day to day basis. You want to be comfortable- 2-3 very loose and breathable outfits to wear and go home in, is great! Do not forget, your partner will most likely go home while you are in the hospital so, anything you may be missing, they can get you. Most importantly the new baby. Do not overthink, the hospital practically has it all. Between a swaddle and an outfit or two, you should be more than ok! Before leaving the hospital, take a package of wipes and a couple of diapers from the hospital to go. You want to have everything you need at your fingertips. Place them within your nea baby Refillable Wipes and Diapers Tote, attach it to your car seat handle and you are good to go home! Everything you may need for the ride home will be in one convenient place.  Before you know it, you will be settled in at home in no time.

Take a deep breath- Mama, you got this!


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