New Baby Gifts that Will Not Break the Bank!

Saving money these days can be tough. Keeping up with your peers and all the get togethers that involve gifts can be very stressful! Between the holiday season, birthdays, baby showers, and wedding showers- all these events can break the bank! Having a baby shower? Invited to a baby shower? Looking to get a great new mom a gift? We have a list of the best baby related products under $40!


Do not underestimate the value that a new and different toy can bring to a new baby’s life! As a new parent, there were so many baby essentials I listed on my registry, that I really did not pay too much attention to baby toys. Below are a couple of cool and inexpensive toys that will spark joy and not burn your bank account.

  • The Baby Einstein Music player was great for my baby throughout his first year since he was able to hold the toy and interact with it in many ways. He was able to press the button on his own to play music and change each song. While on, it also lights up which kept his attention for longer periods of time, which was a major plus! The price is totally affordable and it is one of those toys that should almost cost more with how much one can get out of it! 
  • Plush baby books are great since they can easily be packed to go, don’t weigh much, and are very entertaining! Definitely helpful for parents when times get desperate and can keep a baby stimulated and happy.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Rattle and Teether was great for many months! Not only is it a memorable gift that can be coupled with the book, but it also has many nice features to it. One of the best parts about this toy is that it can attach to a stroller or car seat to entertain the baby while on the go. With its many cool features and ability to keep the baby happy, it is a great option!

Mom Must Haves:

Whether you are looking to get something for the new mommy herself or something to help keep her organized- anything is appreciated! As a new mom the focus definitely shifts toward taking care of baby, so any items that can aid in daily mom life can be super helpful. Below is a great list that will keep any new mama smiling!

  • This nea baby wipes and diapers case is SUPER practical and stylish! Without looking like what it is, the wipes and diapers case goes under the radar as a mommy item and  can hold almost all the necessities- wipes, diapers, a phone, a food pouch, and etc! Simply strap it onto your stroller or diaper bag and head out the door, never compromising on style! Best part about it, it looks like more than what you will spend on it!
  • Stroller organizers are a lifesaver for moms that are always on the go! They act as a small diaper bag except strap onto your stroller and are not bulky. They can hold almost everything you need for a busy couple of hours out of the house with your newborn. The nea baby stroller organizer is also very stylish and can be bundled with the wipes and diapers case.   
  • This is a must have for any new parent and something that will get most new moms smiling from ear to ear. A white noise machine mimics the sounds of a mother’s stomach while the baby is in utero. It helps babies relax, calm themselves, go to sleep, and STAY ASLEEP! This white noise machine is portable unlike many others and small enough to easily stow away when not being used.  

There are so many cool baby related items out there and these are just a couple! Remember you can get creative and do not feel like you need to go over the top. Babies at the end of the day love to play and mommies love it when their babies are happy. Think about yourself- if you were a new mom, would you appreciate these gifts? The answer most likely will be YES!

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