Which to Choose- Practical Stroller or Stylish Stroller: Never Give Up on Your Style, Mama!

I was what I consider to be a stylish mommy to be, back in 2018. I always envisioned having the chicest of everything for my baby. Hey, this was my first baby and I was excited to look my best toting him around town. When I looked to buy my first stroller, I dreamed of getting the Mima Xari stroller, the ultimate in luxury strollers. When I was shopping for a crib, I obsessed over the completely overdone Restoration Hardware Leonie nursery set. A girl can dream, right?

It was not until I got closer to my due date and had to get organized and order all these baby goods that I questioned how practical they would be.  Would these items really be worth their price tag?

One afternoon, feeling anxiety over all these necessities I needed to purchase,  I headed over to a specialty baby goods store that carried only the best or everything. I was excited to make this trip since the store provided customers, specialist who had so much knowledge about every product based on their department within the store. I checked out every luxury stroller that I had seen on Instagram and wanted to test them out in person.

I tried the Mima stroller,  Uppababy, Stokke, Silvercross, the Bugaboo and could not make up my mind between a bunch of them (though I did ixnay a couple on my list after finding them to be too heavy or low to the ground)! After asking the stroller specialist his thoughts, I ended up getting the Cybex Priam Stroller which I felt, was the perfect cross between all the strollers I had tried above (it was not even on my list when I walked through the door). I loved the elevated seat, its sleek look, large chair (with  footrest), recline, and easy to fold capability. Though it is on the heavier side, it is the perfect combination of quality, luxury, and practicality. 

With my new stroller, I was able to continue looking my best and enjoy the usefulness of this practical piece of equipment. To jazz up my stroller and give my stroller more utility without adding anymore bulk, I added the nea baby Stroller Organizer set with the Diapers and Wipes tote to its handlebars. With my nea baby Stroller Organizer set I took on the streets with my baby with everything I needed at hand- NEVER COMPROMISING ON STYLE.

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