Surviving the Fourth Trimester- Everything You need Here!

Almost everyone has some sort of baby shower and ends up getting the hottest gadgets out there but what do you really need to survive the fourth trimester. Though we may have  different taste, I will share what worked best and saved me! I hope you enjoy all your new baby gear mama and good luck!

For Mom:

Frida Postpartum Kit: This kit was super helpful since I was able to get everything I knew I would need postpartum in one  set.  

Nursing Bra: This bra was so comfortable and easy to use. A great find that had me thinking if I should wear it after my breastfeeding journey was over...oops!

Belly Binder: Regardless of what type of birth you may have, this belly binder is a must! Having had a c- section, it  was a lifesaver and kept everything tight helping to drain my body of built up fluid fast!

Diapers and Wipes Case: This wipes and  diapers case was a lifesaver and super cute for trips on the go with my baby. Kept everything I needed in one convenient place so  I didn't need to constantly rummage through my bags for wipes and diapers.

White Noise Machine: This purchase was a god sent when we brought our baby home from the hospital. After a lot of research, we picked the Lecrofan which is great since it is a plug in and can keep itself running all night long. For outings, I purchased the Shusher which was a funny and great option for times on the go.

Bottle Rack: Bottle racks are great for air drying your baby’s items from time  to time!  

Baby Rocker: This one is definitely for  mom because YOU will need a break! I originally got the overpriced 4moms rocker but my baby did not enjoy it as much- cute but not worth the big bucks! 

For Baby:

Wabi UV  Sterilizer: I originally purchased a steam sterilizer. After  only one week, it broke! A friend recommended I look into a  UV Sterilizer and thank goodness I did. It saved me time and headache, plus it looks so cool even my baby loved  watching it sterilize!

Boppy Pillow: This pillow is probably one of my favorite items I got! It was one of the  only places my newborn would sleep or just calmly hang out the fourth trimester.

Halo Bassinet Though I purchased the Halo Bassinet, I would recommend the Baby Delight  Bassinet which is less spacious. I do  love how both options have mesh sides to help baby have access to  air since my newborn often shimmied himself to the side of his bassinet.

Halo Baby Swaddles: Swaddling your baby for sleep can  be a pain. I opted for an easy swaddle option that seemed great to put on and comfortable for  my baby. An added bonus with this swaddle is that it zips from the top down so for nighttime diaper changes, I could keep the swaddle on  and just seamlessly change my baby’s diaper.

Wipes Warmer: Having a  winter baby, it was cooler in the house. I purchased this wipes warmer which helped save me a crying session over having cool wipes clean his royal bum! PS- I discovered that not all wipes work well with this warmer  so make sure to get pampers wipes for the easiest dispensing! 

Dr Brown Bottles: I tried every bottle in the book! Without a doubt Dr. Browns are the best. Though they are a pain to clean, they keep baby less gassy and dispense milk at the best pace without leaks!

Eurospa Bathtub: Though it is bulky, it is a game changer for your back and so easy to use. This infant bath is great since it has a hose that discharges all the water when you are  done. Forget any bath hassle- this is definitely the best option out there! Plus it has storage racks and a changing table so it is super multipurpose! Don’t forget to get the sponge pad for extra comfort!

Keekaro Changing Pad: I have to be honest, I  was sceptical about this purchase until IT happened! This product was recommended to me by a friend. I got it and thought  to return it. My baby then had a massive poop explosion and also peed everywhere. Having the Keekaro, I was safe and simply wiped it down without having to stress about throwing it away or getting a  new one.

Burp Clothes: Babies spit up, A LOT! These burp clothes will be used  all day, everyday! Think about getting a pack or two!

Oggie Boogie: Babies get congested or get hard to get boogies stuck in their little noses. When I first purchased this I laughed but I have used it almost everyday since! Baby Frida also has the boogie sucker which was helpful for the first cold!

Onsies: Onsies are the best for  adding an extra layer! Plus  they keep the diaper in place on your little bitty one!

Zip Up Outfits: I thought I would be that mom to dress  up my newborn in the cutest outfits. Well, my newborn wore these zip up  outfits all day everyday! They  are so comfortable and easy to change,  they are you best bet- buy a bunch you wont regret  it!

Gripe Water:  Gripe water is a best kept secret to soothing a fussy  baby who may have some gas!

Anal Thermometer: Since they are so little, get the  anal thermometer as an option. We also  purchased a regular thermometer to have as our baby got a bit older. 

Soaps: Make sure to get bottle washing soap, baby shampoo, and baby  laundry detergent!

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