The Wipes and Diapers Tote

The idea was conceived around  the time that I conceived my first born, back in 2018. I was watching all my mom friends lug around their baby’s with wipes, a diaper bag,  and their purse in hand around town. They were completely unorganized and their poor backs and arms got no break. I thought to myself, how could it be that there is no solution for style and organization with a baby. Well, there are many but none like what I envisioned. Viola, the wipes and diapers tote popped into my head. The perfect combination of style and ultimate functionality in the most compact way possible. 

The nea baby wipes and diapers tote combines functionality, style, and practicality all in one. It fits 3-4 diapers, a package of wipes, diaper cream, a food pouch, cell phone, and more! A mom can hook it onto any bag and have all the essentials at her fingertips. Forget having to search through the diaper bag for wipes when you need them most or dig for your phone. Everything is in one consolidated place with this practical mommy fashion piece! For added space and storage for things like bottles and etc, you can pair the tote with the matching stroller organizer for the optimal hands free, stylish scenario.  Simply pack for the day and hit the road looking your best with ease, stress free with your #neababygoods.

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